Sports and Remedial Massage


Sports and Remedial Massage


Goddess is proud to introduce Dan Avasilcai as a new member of out team, by appointment only Dan ia an ex footballer, wrestler, bodybuilder, personal trainer who himself experienced a number of injuries. In 2007 decided to become a massage therapist to help others with their injuries, recovery after sporting events, workout or relaxing through massage.

Dan’s key skill in massage therapy is over 20 years of involvement in sports and the knowledge of the body and muscles, he is a member of federation of holistic therapies (FHT) and fully insured.
Dan believes that during rehabilitation, the patient should be educated by their therapist in order to maintain maximum flexibility and pain free living long after our work ends he has successfully worked with all types of injuries and works on patients of any age.
I also I have great results with bodybuilders and fitness models helping them achieve the body they desire and win many contests.

Time 1 Hr / Cost £120

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