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A Valentine’s Treat

 Goddess introduces a Valentine’s Day treat just for you!

Enjoy a choice of a Full body massage or Facial, and a manicure for just £75

Why not treat yourself and indulge with some pampering just for you.

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Introducing the Brexit Brow

Our very own Brow Specialist Savita Hirani has been featured in the Daily Mail about Brexit Brow. Here is an exert from the article:

“In a what the Telegraph have dubbed ‘the Brexit brow’ – shaken by the events of 2016 and entering an uncertain year – Brits are looking for a stronger look to carry them through.

Savita Hirani, Head brow specialist at Goddess, told the Telegraph: ‘Clients want less of an arch now and more of a straight-across shape. It’s not about glamour any more; women want to look more in control.’

Experts add that the trend for thick eyebrows is also down to the fact that they can create a youthful appearance.

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Venus Legacy Experience


Venus Legacy Experience


The Venus Legacy™ experience will:

  • Contour stubborn fat pockets to reduce any bra bulge
  • Contour and tighten the abdomen for a flatter and more defined stomach. No more muffin top!
  • Reduce cellulite, contour and lift your buttocks for a better shape
  • Stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce fluid around the eyes while lifting the eye area and brows
  • Soften laughter lines and tighten skin for a smoother jawline
  • Stimulate collagen and tighten lax skin near cheekbones for a contoured profile
  • Reduce volume and tighten skin for a more contoured arm

All Venus Concept treatments can be used on all skin types and tones on the Fitzpatrick scale and have little or no downtime. Recommended Course of 6-8 treatments. Click Here for more information.

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Spinal Reflexology Article


Spinal Reflexology Goddess Health and BeautySports and Remedial Massage


Goddess Health and Beauty has been featured in an article in the February 2016 edition of Tatler.

The article is on page 112 is entitled “Spine-Twisting” and highlights the benefits that can be felt from spinal reflexology. You can see the full article by looking on our Gallery page.

Time 1 Hr / Cost £85

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Sports and Remedial Massage


Sports and Remedial Massage


Goddess is proud to introduce Dan Avasilcai as a new member of out team, by appointment only Dan ia an ex footballer, wrestler, bodybuilder, personal trainer who himself experienced a number of injuries. In 2007 decided to become a massage therapist to help others with their injuries, recovery after sporting events, workout or relaxing through massage.

Dan’s key skill in massage therapy is over 20 years of involvement in sports and the knowledge of the body and muscles, he is a member of federation of holistic therapies (FHT) and fully insured.
Dan believes that during rehabilitation, the patient should be educated by their therapist in order to maintain maximum flexibility and pain free living long after our work ends he has successfully worked with all types of injuries and works on patients of any age.
I also I have great results with bodybuilders and fitness models helping them achieve the body they desire and win many contests.

Time 1 Hr / Cost £120

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Pregnancy Reflexology




These techniques have amazing results and have helped many women ovulate, regain regular periods, ease menopause systems and achieve a viable pregnancy.

Time 55 Mins / Cost £80

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Face Reflexology




The Unique Benefit of Facial Reflexology is not only does it aim to help clients improve their health and wellbeing, it also can help them look better, younger and have a healthy glow. The face will feel and look smoother and more toned as you increase the circulation and help to release muscle tension. Some clients call it their ” mini Face-lift ” as Facial Reflexology helps to strengthen layers of the skin tissue and improve skin tone. Additionally, over a series of sessions there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles, helping clients to feel and look good.

Time 50 Mins / Cost £55

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Dermalux: Have you seen the light?

Dermalux At GoddessDermalux treatments harness the power of pure light to awaken the skin’s natural processes. The result? Re-energised, rejuvenated skin and significant improvements in problems such as spot prone skin or red and flushed skin.

It blows the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory out of the water and almost sounds too good to be true – so how does it work? Well, Dermalux uses three specific wavelengths of light that are clinically proven to have an effect on the skin. It delivers them using the most advanced light emitting diodes (LEDs) in a highly advanced clinical device. These wavelengths stimulate different natural responses in the skin and can be used in any combination, which is why it can improve the skin in so many ways. For example, red light can increase the production of collagen and elastin, which gives us firmer skin, near infra-red energises key skin cells producing a fresher complexion, and blue light helps to improve the appearance of spots by reducing the bacteria that can cause acne.

There’s no doubt that Dermalux looks impressive with its futuristic style and beaming LEDs but more importantly, it’s a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable treatment. With no pain, no downtime and the ability to fit a treatment in during your lunch break, Dermalux will leave you feeling energized while it’s stimulating effects will kick-start the natural processes that will, at the end of a treatment course, help your skin look and feel great!

There are three treatments available:

· Dermalux Energise: revitalises and regenerates skin for a brighter, more youthful looking complexion. Normally provided in a course of 6 or 8 weekly 20-minute treatments.

· Dermalux Resolve: treats problem skin conditions such as spot prone skin and redness. Normally provided in a course of 6 or 8 weekly 20-minute treatments.

· Dermalux Recover: a 20-minute session after aesthetic procedures helps accelerates healing and reduces redness and discomfort.

As with any aesthetic treatment, a good home-use medigrade skincare regime is imperative. Depending on the treatment that you receive, you’ll be provided with an AesthetiCare medigrade skincare regime as part of your treatment – each one containing carefully selected, evidence-based products that will enhance the results of your in-clinic Dermalux treatment.

Virtually everyone, regardless of skin type, will find a Dermalux treatment that will benefit their skin… so isn’t it time for you to see the light?

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Spinal Reflexology



This powerful form of reflexology is based on stimulating the spinal reflexes on the feet.

A reflexologist stimulates each individual vertebra and aims to identify nerve roots out of balance. A nerve root exits through the vertebra to reach specific organs and muscles. By using spinal reflexology we aim to identify which organs are not functioning correctly. Conversely, back problems can inhibit the proper functioning of the organs.

Time 1 Hr / Cost £85

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